Our Services

Teeth Cleanings


It's not just a cleaning! Dental hygienists are specialized oral health care pros that remove tartar, dental plaque and help you bask in the glory of optimal dental hygiene. We're your partners in prevention! And yup, we can direct bill your dental insurance plan! 

Preventive Dental Care


We love helping our clients prevent dental problems! In addition to professional dental cleanings, we also offer fluoride treatments, oral hygiene instruction, custom fit sport mouth guards, oral cancer screenings, and can help you identify+manage your risk factors for disease and trauma!

Professional Whitening


Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation for a bright smile! Teeth can naturally darken  over time. We believe in offering  safe + effective professional teeth whitening services and products to help our clients look and feel their best. If you're considering brightening your smile, we're here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer direct billing?

We sure do! If your plan allows direct billing, we can send through your claims and you're only responsible for your co-pay on the day of your visit.  Teeth whitening is not typically covered by dental insurance because it's considered a cosmetic procedure!

Can I keep seeing my existing dentist?

Yes. We offer preventive dental care and advise our clients to visit a dentist regularly for exams, xrays and treatment as required. Just remember to let your dentist know ahead of time that you do not need to book a cleaning at their office; just an exam.

What happens if I am unable to visit a dentist?

We strongly recommend regular visits with a dentist but you will not be denied preventive dental care if you are unable (or choose not) to visit a dentist for whatever reason.

Am I candidate for professional teeth whitening?

You may be a candidate for whitening if you have healthy teeth and gums, no crowns/veneers/fillings on front teeth (only natural teeth brighten), are over the age of 16 and are not pregnant or breast feeding. If you have heavy tartar built up or haven't seen a dental professional in a while, we may recommend a professional cleaning or a check up with a dentist prior to treatment! Want more info? Click here.

I haven't had a cleaning in years. Is that ok?

We love helping our clients get their oral health back on track! We provide a judgement free zone to help you regain control and put you back on the path to optimal oral health and wellness. If you don't have a dentist that you see currently, we can connect you with one!

How much does a cleaning cost?

A typical visit with a dental hygienist at our clinic can cost anywhere from $125-$165+ depending on your needs (the longer it takes to remove tartar, the more it costs). We offer complimentary assessments to discuss cost and a payment plan can be arranged if you are unable to afford to pay for the full cost of your visit. Please message us if you have any questions!